Agile London with Trainline - Thursday 30th November

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  • Posted: 22/11/2017
Agile London with Trainline - Thursday 30th November

Technical processes and solving problems become difficult the more people you add to the mix.  Ever wondered what organizational evolution looks like? Or if Agile is enough to stay ahead of the competition?

We’ll be discussing this and more with Trainline and special guest 101 Ways


Our Hosts:

Anyone that has shopped around for train fares knows that Trainline is the one-stop shop for train travel.  They bring it all together: fares, journey times and routes; making it easy for their customers to save time, money and hassle. 

As a customer centric company, Trainline is technologically driven and have made engineering central to what they do.  By consistently reviewing their technology stack as well as their technical practices they enable the best possible experiences for their customers.  Just like the products they create, Trainline is smart about delivering great tech too, through their setup. 

Everyone does what they do best and even through they work in different teams, with companies across 24 countries, they perform as one company.  They aim for their London, Edinburgh and Paris offices to work efficiently together and have removed office hierarchy by operating in “clusters”, or cross-functional teams, so that technology as well as the business isn’t divided.  With equal opinions and ideas freely flowing, they remain a team that’s decisive, innovative and lean.



Haran Rasalingam - Enterprise Agile Coach at Trainline, “Soft Skills are Hard!”

Ian Randolph - Product Owner at Trainline,  “Evolutionary Management”

Kelly Waters - CEO at 101 Ways, “Beyond Agile”


Get ready to talk early tribes through to today’s progressive companies in a story of how teams, and their organisations, have evolved over the past 10,000 years.  Ian is going to help us understand where we’re heading as management evolves.  He’ll then share the results of 15 months of experimentation with evolutionary management and give away the powerful practices of distinction which you can implement and trial in your teams right away!

Whilst processes can be designed to enable the smooth running toward a common goal, they often fall short because of the difficulties in bringing the psychological complexities of large teams together.  This day in age, technical problems are a given; as is solving them.  Haran will talk about strategies he has employed to effect cultural change at Trainline. 

We’ll also be hearing from Kelly Waters, founder and CEO of 101 Ways; a sought-after product focused technology consultancy based in London.  Kelly helps to shape the ‘agile’ debate both in the UK and abroad with his deep understanding of the tech space and what it takes to be successful in product development and delivery.

Recognised for his work, he’s the proud recipient of the ‘Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK’ and in 2016, he was awarded ‘most popular online contributor’ by the agile community.  You can have a read of his blog here.

For Agile London, Waters will discuss why doing Agile is not enough.  He’ll share his views on what is needed to stay ahead of the competition, how to enable organizations to anticipate and respond to change by optimizing the whole product lifecycle and what’s necessary to condition success in “Beyond Agile”.


If you are keen to attend, saving your seat for the evening is as simple as joining our Agile London group on our Meetup page.  Events of this type are free for all to attend and as our kind hosts will be providing refreshments, we ask that you consider donating to our charity parter, Code Club.  




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