Agile London Follow-up at Dealogic - Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm

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  • Posted: 17/05/2017
Agile London Follow-up at Dealogic - Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm

We are having a follow up / bonus Agile London with following a very successful event with them last year. There were a number of questions raised from the group following the talks so all involved felt it would make sense to organise another event with them to discuss and give further information regarding how they work there.  Office address is: 

One New Change 

To remind you, Dealogic is a financial markets platform that offers integrated content, analytics, and technology via a single solution to top financial firms worldwide. Whether working in capital markets, sales and trading, banking, or compliance, firms rely on the Dealogic platform to connect and more effectively identify opportunities, execute deals, and manage risk. With 30 years’ experience and a deep understanding of financial markets, Dealogic is a trusted global partner with offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Mumbai etc. 

Event Title: Delivering Better Software, Faster & More Effectively 

General Theme: We will cover several important points around getting your software from a developers machine into production, as the title says, Faster and at a High Quality. It will be focused around Deployment management, Dev Ops teams, faster software delivery and better product feature management and breakdown while effectively showing what your teams have delivered along with a part on managing quality.  Some of the key areas covered include:

Adopting a Dev & Ops mentality

  -Why , Whats the point

  - initial problem

  - early pains

  - TFS / Agile adoption

  - Dev&Ops team

Better Software Release

  - ADF Deployment

  - RM/DDC Pipeline management

Minimizing Collaboration (Maximizing the time you are not blocked)

  - UX integration

  - Componentization

  - Plug and Play widgets

  - Deployable Units

  - Pros of this approach


  - Security

  - QA Automation

  - Mobile Testing

The MVP your best friend

- Build and iterate based on client feedback rather than assumption 

- Beta and Prod phases

Showing & Telling effectively

- Using Feature videos over formal presentations 

- Monthly product newsletters


- Office setup 

- Social Events

Please RSVP on the Agile London meetup page if you would like to attend.  As always, food and drink to be provided by our kind hosts and any proceeds raised from the event will be donated to our charity partner, Code Club.

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