Agile London at Endava - Monday 18th April

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  • Posted: 24/03/2016
Agile London at Endava - Monday 18th April

Our next Agile London event is “Journey to Agility” organised and sponsored by Endava.  At Endava they are 2,800 people working to deliver agile and digital transformation to clients in industries like finance, insurance, media, technology, and telecoms from the UK, USA, Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Moldova.

The event will be on Monday 18th April at 18:30 at Skills Matter’s fantastic Code Node space in the City:

10 South Place

This is going to be a community event, rather than focusing on one organisation and our speakers are “Papa” Chris Matts, the well-known London-based independent agile coach and George Anghelache, Endava’s Head of Agile Transformation.

Chris is going to be speaking about the “Seven Deadly Sins of Agile” drawing on his long experience of leading companies through agile transformations, he will distil his observations of what goes wrong, the mistakes people make and the misunderstandings that occur, to help the rest of us complete our agile journeys with less pain!

George’s talk is the highly entertaining “Back to the Future - outfits, time travel and agile meditation show”.  It follows the story of Marty, a battle-scarred Scrum Master emerging victorious at the end of a long journey of agile discovery and adaptation. Marty vividly remembers everything from kicking off the 1st team, to the pain of working with 5 teams on the same backlog, right down to the launch of the 15th team and the delivery of the system.  Follow our hero through his journey and find out how he and the teams have adapted the agile planning concepts to work at programme level.  This talk tells the story of a real project, a 4 years programme of work that started with 1 team and grew to 15, with 150+ business and technical people delivering a very complex and highly connected system. 

Please RSVP now at as, with all of our events, it's first come, first served! Both Endava and the Agile London team at Oliver Bernard very much look forward to seeing many of our you at CodeNode on Monday 18th April at 6:30pm.

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