The JavaScript Market 2017

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  • Posted: 23/10/2017
The JavaScript Market 2017

While there are many tools out there, the big two at the moment are undoubtedly React and Angular. Perhaps you dabble in one or both; or perhaps you are considering which one to master in the future. You may have worked with a number of them but the main challenge is to know which are worth the investment of your time.

We are often asked our opinion on what tools and frameworks are seen as the most valuable amongst our client base, so here’s an overview of our live JavaScript roles:


Based on roles worked since the beginning of April 2017, Angular and React are by far the most in demand.

Other = Vue, Aurelia, Knockout, Ember.



Based on our live roles, React is most in demand with 48% of our live vacancies including it. 27% of these are building Isomorphic applications with NodeJS, and the remaining 21% are purely front-end focused.

A large community, continual updating and the most live jobs are just a few of React's positives; but could they also be its own downfall? From a recruitment perspective, React jobs are highly sought after and commercial experience is often a must have skill, making it harder to be successful per application.



As you can see from the chart, Angular 1.x is still a hugely popular framework in the London market.

Whilst many see Angular 1.x as a legacy technology, in today’s fast-paced market there are still some hugely tech driven businesses, working on highly scalable, real-time projects using the most recent iterations of Angular v1. Due to this perception, there are fewer engineers considering Angular 1.x roles which has lead to a higher demand than supply. It's because of this that we are seeing well paid Angular 1.x roles. 

The downside is that progression of the framework has slowed due to the release of Angular 2/4/5 and most projects will be pretty far into their lifespan by now; meaning a potential lack of greenfield work.



Currently, 10% of live vacancies are using Angular 2/4.  Given this is the newest of the three, we expect this to rise in the coming months. Due to sparse Angular 2/4 projects, for those interested in using it commercially, it can be tough to find a role that ticks all boxes such as framework, location, salary, or project.

A real positive for Angular 2/4 is that many companies are migrating to this from Angular 1.x, meaning they are happy to hire engineers with v1 experience, allowing them the chance to learn 2/4 on the job. Others are working on Greenfield apps, and given you do not require existing Angular 1.x knowledge it’s an interesting one to watch.


Our Advice?

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer, as each have pros and cons in relation to looking for a job. Each has its potential; Angular v1 is still heavily used, React.js is going from strength-to-strength and the latest Angular releases are gaining traction, continuing to improve its performance through it’s latest versions (2, 4 and now 5) and making it easier to build progressive web apps.

  •  Make sure you are strong with JavaScript as a language and can turn your hand to any framework, given the opportunity. JavaScript is a very complex language and just learning one framework may limit your capabilities to jump to another in the future.


  • What is truly valued by most businesses is good OO JavaScript, a belief in best practices (TDD, Unit testing, CI/CD, Agile) and the aptitude to use/learn the right tool for the job.


  • Keen to work with one of these frameworks but haven’t had the opportunity to do so commercially?  Make sure you build something in your own time; a substantial app that you can share on GitHub, displaying experience using the framework of choice and best practices.


Interested in attaining more advice on this subject or hearing about the roles we have?  Please reach out to us on or check some of our live vacancies here.

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