Keeping IT 'Simples' - Agile London at CompareTheMarket.Com

  • Lisa Hon
  • AUTHOR: Lisa Hon
  • Posted: 21/07/2017
Keeping IT 'Simples' - Agile London at CompareTheMarket.Com

Our fastest filling event to date was an insightful exchange of ideas that had us all thinking – not just about DiCaprio’s architecture skills in the 2010 science fiction thriller – but about implementing ways of working with teams.

We really enjoyed partnering with the CTM meerkat family, as they opened the doors to their new office space in London, for what’s currently on our books as the largest Agile audience to attend an Agile London Meetup.  Like exploring infinite realms in the film, the presenters created alternative themes through which they explored and explained team best practice - because every project starts with inception. 

Dan North, award winning principle consultant and originator of Behaviour Driven Development, cycled in to lead discussions around the principle: optimize flow.  He questioned what the value of flow is and how we can measure it. 

His – often humorous - presentation encompassed what it means to be efficient, how to improve flow as well as tips on visualising, stabilising and optimising the system through these three cycles of change.  The entire presentation was supported by self-illustrated slides and his artistic visuals were even complete with self-portrait! 

The CTM team gave us a window into their working practises of by avidly elaborating on what they and the teams they work with do.  Reeya Patel, CTM Business Analyst, levelled us by explaining how CTM uses agile and described how work flows through the delivery funnel, from inception through to release.  Then we spent time with Jody Carson, CTM Delivery Manager, and Gary Stevens, CTM Functional Lead, who gave insight into their ‘Magic Dust’, ‘Path2Awesomeness’ and ‘Immunisation Dashboard’.  

Learning from a sampling of team organizational activities and ideas, we walked away knowing that no one idea is bad and that you can go in [to a meeting] knowing nothing and come out with decisions when you break the process down and keep it ‘simples’.

For more information on hosting an Agile event or to preview the videos – with slides, Q&A, and Dan’s self-portrait - then get in touch at today.  Alternatively you can check out our YouTube channel here.

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