CV Advice for Tech Contractors

  • Lisa Hon
  • AUTHOR: Lisa Hon
  • Posted: 27/11/2017
CV Advice for Tech Contractors

As a contractor, you’re being hired to solve a specific problem.  Clients and hiring managers won’t be interested in every project you’ve worked on.  They want to know about the specific projects you’ve delivered, how you went about it and the type of environment you worked in.

Clients will be looking to see what project specific skills you have acquired.  Only include the projects you worked on; what tech was used for the project and what you specifically built.  All this information should directly relate to your skillsets as evidence of how and when you’ve used the tech and skills you’ve listed.

Projects and experience tend to trump education when it comes to an experienced contractor’s CV, and often can simply be added as a footnote.  However, for those just starting out in their careers, education is an important section as qualifications are a more recent experience.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to a contract CVs’ structure, so we put together the following infographic with our recommendations.


We are on hand to help.  If you'd like to talk through your CV, skillset or are in need of career advice then get in touch with one of our consultant teams today.   

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