CTOs In London with Octopus Labs - Thursday 7th December

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  • Posted: 01/12/2017
CTOs In London with Octopus Labs - Thursday 7th December

We have the technology to become agile, continuously-delivering businesses, but unless we start asking different questions, nothing will change.

Interested in discussing how in an uncertain world, both inherited processes and the questions asked by traditional leadership are actively harmful to your business and your brain? 

Join us as we partner with Octopus Labs and EngineerBetter to host the final CTOs In London for this year. 


Our Hosts:

When it comes to finances, the old financial players are archaic with clunky processes and confusing jargon yet, the new ‘fintech’ challengers are trying to build the necessary trust most people are seeking.  Octopus Labs have worked to meld the best of old and new.  They’re combining established financial expertise with cutting-edge technology to build smart, simple and disruptive fintech solutions. 

As part of the Octopus Investments Group, they represent one of the UK’s finest and most innovative FinTech Labs teams, where they believe that Financial Services should be somewhere that innovation and ingenuity thrive. 


Morgan Sowden – Group CTO, Octopus Labs/Group,“Turning Octopus from a financial services company with an IT team, into a tech company that does financial services.”

Daniel Jones – CTO, EngineerBetter, “Continuous Delivery is better for your brain”

Morgan Sowden is leading the front for Octopus Investments and aims to change industry perception by bring the best technology available to the FinTech market. 

Beyond this, he’s an experienced and highly knowledgeable CTO, Co-Founder, Board Member and Entrepreneur in Residence for some of the best technology companies in the UK and San Francisco.

On the evening, Morgan will talk through the challenges he’s faced during his time as CTO at Octopus as well as the number of ways he overcame these challenges. He will also talk through how to hire the best talent in the market, how to retain them and how he keeps his team members engaged and motivated.

Following Sowden, Daniel Jones will be sharing cognitive psychology and neuroscience findings that show just how much damage can be done by the common question of “when will it be done?”, and how continuous delivery aligns better with the human brain to lead to happier, more productive teams.

Daniel has been a Software Engineer and Consultant for 14 years and is now CTO and Co-Founder of industry-leading Cloud Consultancy, EngineerBetter.  He’s previously worked on Cloud Foundry at Pivotal and CloudCredo and has helped enterprises and startups adopt and operate Cloud Foundry in production. Throughout his career he’s worked to up-skill developers, introduce agile processes, run departments and brought products to market.


If you are keen to attend, saving your seat for the evening is as simple as joining our Agile London group on our Meetup page.  Events of this type are free for all to attend and as our kind hosts will be providing refreshments, we ask that you consider donating to our charity partner, Code Club.  




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