CTO's in London Meetup @ 8th Light Ltd - Thursday 14th September

  • Lisa Hon
  • AUTHOR: Lisa Hon
  • Posted: 08/09/2017
CTO's in London Meetup @ 8th Light Ltd - Thursday 14th September


CTO’s in London have partnered with innovative software consultancy 8th Light Ltd. for the latest technology leadership event.   Software craftsmanship is something 8th Light holds close to their heart and as such they’ll be providing insight into how to build better environments for your engineering teams on Thursday 14 September at their offices in the heart of Farringdon in London. 

Providing noteworthy knowledge on the effects of learning investments is Rachel Davies, author of ‘Agile Coaching’ and leader of Engineering at Makers Academy in London.  She’ll be joined by Paul Pagel, 8th Light CEO and a driving force for the software craftsmanship movement.  Davies will be discussing what she’s termed “geek joy” in addition to sharing her experiences of the practical ways you can build a learning culture into your engineering team.   Pagel will discuss how to get your organisation working in unison to build better products and create efficiency and understanding across the product lifecycle in his presentation entitled “Selling Decomposition”. 

CTO’s in London was designed to discuss the next trends and best practices in technica leadership and this event is not one to be missed as 8th Light is a team of highly skilled engineers and technologists who take pride in helping to adopt new agile methods, implement new technologies and tools, as well as advising on software decisions. 

This is your chance to ask the experts in an open forum as we aim to conclude the evening as usual with pizza, drinks and general discussion of both presentations. 

If you’d like to join us, this event is free to attend, simply visit our Meetup page to save your seat today!  If you like what we’re up to then consider donating to Code Club a nationwide network that teaches coding to young people. Similarly, if you have an idea, story or knowledge of running IT industry teams to share, let us know because we are always looking for new ways to partner and connect with the greater community. 





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