Banking in The Cloud - CTO's in London Meetup with Starling Bank

  • Lisa Hon
  • AUTHOR: Lisa Hon
  • Posted: 19/09/2017
Banking in The Cloud - CTO's in London Meetup with Starling Bank

If you have ever wondered how banking startups are able to provide their better banking solutions, then this is your opportunity to hear first hand how it’s possible to build a product and deal with it’s software delivery in a highly regulated market.

Join us for a glimpse inside one of the UK’s most advanced and innovative Challenger Banks - Starling Bank; one of a number of cutting-edge FinTech companies to emerge within the past few years.  They are a team of technologists, artists, money experts, designers, and marketers, who share the same goal of creating a better bank for everyone.


With the phone-loving generation in mind, they've disrupted the traditional banking model by learning from it and then turning the not-so-good bits into their great bits.  We'll be given the inside story on how they are delivering innovative software whilst building a product that provides access to a mobile market of services suited to a range of financial needs.

How are banking startups able to provide a better banking experience and solution than the traditional big banks? We are now seeing these Challengers deliver clean, simple and easy to use banking applications with a key focus on customer usability and satisfaction.

Leading on tech strategy, engineering and cloud is Starling Bank’s CTO Greg Hawkins.  After developing a vision of how banking technology could and should be done better, he is now leading the efforts to deliver that here in the UK. Once he found the opportunity to build a bank from scratch, he seized it and put his innovative ideas into practice.

Hawkins wants to build an organisation that can turn engineers’ cool ideas into reality for customers and as such will be introducing us to 'Banking in The Cloud.'  Helping him to achieve this vision and speaking on the night is Lead Developer Sam Everington. Starling’s Open Banking platform and APIs are Sam’s responsibility and he’ll be giving us insight into the platform with his presentation ‘Open APIs’.

We have all been there, new bank card in hand yet still waiting for the PIN to arrive in a separate bit of post; only now you have the option and can choose to wait. Join us in this rare, behind the scenes opportunity to learn about a seamless mobile-only platform with Starling Bank.

For more info on this event, and to reserve your seat today, visit our MeetUp page here.

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