Agile London with News UK - Thursday 16th March

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  • Posted: 03/03/2017
Agile London with News UK - Thursday 16th March

Very pleased to announce that we have confirmed details for our next Agile London event – and it’s going to be one of the best/biggest we have had since our first event back in January 2011.  Our hosts this time round will be News UK and the event will be held on Thursday 16th March, 6:30pm start, in their News Building HQ in London Bridge: 

News UK & Ireland Ltd 
1 London Bridge Street 
SE1 9GF 

Some info about our hosts…  

News UK is home to some of the biggest and most popular British newspapers. The Times and The Sunday Times are the world’s best-known quality newspapers, and The Sun remains the most read British newspaper with more than seven million readers each day. While their papers have individual identities that reflect their different heritage, all look to break the most important stories, inform readers, champion them and the causes closest to their hearts, and help them make sense of the modern world.  Their titles have a weekly print reach of approximately 11 million readers. 

Some info about our speakers/talks…  

Nick Walker 
Title: Digital transformation in a post transformation world 
Synopsis: Agile transformations have been going on in some shape or form for the past 15 years, with many businesses having gone through multiple - in some cases, they've even managed to get it right. With continuous improvement always in mind, how do businesses behind the curve take on a new transformation, how can they navigate the many case studies, books, talks, experience and move forward. 

Rudi de Souza 
Title: Enabling innovation at News UK through design sprints 
Synopsis: News UK recently adopted the Google ventures design sprint process to help us innovate on The Times, this talk is a deep dive into the process, how we use it and where best to apply it. 

Joe Frost 
Title: How we work - a look at how UX&D works as part of News UK technology 
Synopsis: UX&D in many companies is not seen as part of technology, but marketing or commercial. As Creative Director, Joe Frost wants to give insight and talk through a well-functioning UX&D team, working within a technology first department. 

Our kind hosts will be providing refreshments on the evening. As always, numbers are limited so please sign up here ASAP.  This event is free to attend but contributions to Code Club on the Agile London JustGiving page are very welcome indeed!  

We look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday 16th March at 6:30pm in The News Building.  

Agile London Team at Oliver Bernard

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