Agile London at Spektrix - Thursday 5th July at 6pm

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  • Posted: 27/06/2018
Agile London at Spektrix - Thursday 5th July at 6pm

Our next Agile London ( is at Spektrix ( on Thursday 5th July, starting from 6pm, at their offices in Blackfriars:

Lower Ground Basement
3 Dorset Rise

Our hosts...Spektrix provide a full stack of technology and service for sales, marketing, fundraising and admin teams in the arts. 340+ organisations around the world are working with Spektrix to deepen relationships and grow their revenue. Spektrix enables you to understand data about your customers and donors, share this across all your departments and act on it easily using intuitive tools.

For this event, we have 3 speakers, Dan Bass (Director of Software Engineering at Spektrix), Mihai Tudor (Director, Quality Assurance at UBS) and Chris Matts (Agile Transformation Coach)

Chris is an agile transformation coach. When he finds out what that means, he will let you know! He co-created the GIVEN-WHEN-THEN format for acceptance criteria with Dan North back in 2004. Since then, he has done some stuff with real options, staff liquidity and now capacity planning and IT risk management frameworks. He wrote a book with Olav Maassen and Chris Geary, which is really a graphic novel - but it sounds more impressive to say "a book”. @papachrismatts

Mihai is a software engineer with a sweet tooth for quality and transparency. He has helped organizations ranging from start-up to enterprise level implement agile development models since 2006. He's now working for a major Investment Bank as a Test Manager in the Equity Derivatives space.

Dan will kick things off with a brief intro into Spektrix and their approach to Agile, then Chris and Mihai will give their talk “Scaling Agile for Practitioners”...

How do you "scale Agile”? Do you SAFe or LeSS, or even Scrum of Scrum to get your whole organisation delivering value faster?

Do you fit it into your existing programme management? There has been a lot talk over the past few years about what process to roll out across organisations. Processes that many expensive behemoth consultancy firms charge the earth for in training and coaching fees. Does it actually work?

Come along to get certified in scaling agile.

As ever, first come first served and donations to Code Club much appreciated:

Please do spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon ( or we'll be using #AgileLondon!

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