Agile London at Dealogic - Thursday 27th October at 6:30pm

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  • Posted: 11/10/2016
Agile London at Dealogic - Thursday 27th October at 6:30pm

Oliver Bernard are pleased to confirm our next Agile London meetup will be with on Thursday 27th Oct – it’s a 6:30pm start in their City based office at:

One New Change 

A bit of background re our host… Dealogic is a financial markets platform that offers integrated content, analytics, and technology via a single solution to top financial firms worldwide. Whether working in capital markets, sales and trading, banking, or compliance, firms rely on the Dealogic platform to connect and more effectively identify opportunities, execute deals, and manage risk. With 30 years’ experience and a deep understanding of financial markets, Dealogic is a trusted global partner with offices in London, Hong Kong, NYC, Tokyo, Sydney, Mumbai etc.

Talk 1 – Dealogic: An Agile Revolution, presented by Hemant Patel (Product Owner) and Irfan Ikram (Dev Manager) 
Dealogic has a very different delivery landscape now to what it was several years ago. The introduction of Agile methodologies brought a turning point or more accurately a revolution in a great many things allowing the company to achieve things they couldn’t have envisaged when first starting down this path. We understand the journey that we have taken most organizations go down who try to adopt Agile. We felt it would be beneficial for us to share the steps we have taken in this journey discussing the more major turning points and achievements that have allowed us to be where we are now.

Talk 2 – MVP: from idea to value, presented by Ricardo Tomé (external speaker / Lean/Agile Coach and Trainer) 
Delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should be a short journey but it is always a very intense one… Understanding the problems we can face during that journey will help us to define a more lean and robust MVP. Defining an MVP can depend on several factors: Customers Expectation Vs Market Disruption; Confidence Vs Investment. Taking those factors into account, an MVP can vary in type, size and when to do it. In this talk we will also explore how Lean Product Delivery can assist in that journey.

As always, numbers are limited so please sign-up on our meetup page ASAP to confirm attendance.

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