Agile London

Agile London is an established community, bringing together Agile enthusiasts in London to meet and share ideas, experiences, real-life problems, best working practices etc.

Agile London


Agile London aims to provide the whole Agile community, whatever level of experience, with a regular meeting place to share stories and knowledge from their own experiences.

The group is made up of thousands of Agile professionals across various disciplines which include, and aren't limited to Developers, Testers, Architects, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and CTOs.

Events are free to attend and in light of this we kindly request attendees make a donation to our partner, Code Club (part of Raspberry Pi Foundation); which is a network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children.  You can donate here.

Interested in attending Agile London events? You can sign up at  ­­­­ Interested in hosting an event?  Get in touch with your ideas or questions at today.  For up to date event activities follow us on social media #AgileLondon.

Previous Hosts include:

  • CompareTheMarket.Com
  • Thoughtworks
  • Zulkhe Engineering
  • UBS
  • Gumtree


Liz Keogh (Agile Coach)

"Extremely well-run, I very much enjoyed the talk, and the organizers obviously had good relationships with the hosts. Really delightful atmosphere, conducive to excellent conversations afterwards too!"


Mary Henson (Chief Executive)

"Agile London events are an excellent way for everyone interested in the Agile way of working to share experiences, learn and network in a friendly environment. They are always worth attending and well organised. I recommend any organisation wanting to support its own Agile teams and Agile in the wider context to get involved."


Guy Evans (CTO)

"I have been to a number of the Agile London events. I believe a key aspect of Agile is to build self-governing teams that do not blindly follow a methodology but rather iterate on a process that works within their organisation. As such, it is invaluable to both understand how Agile is applied across different companies and to network with other practitioners. The Agile London events offer that opportunity."


Melanie Franklin (Change Manager)

"The Agile London events bring together those interested in the practical application with companies that very openly share their experiences. The organisations that support Agile London are often popular brands and well known firms demonstrating that Agile London is 'for professionals by professionals' and I would encourage anyone interested in Agile to come along."

Bradley Howard​ (Head of Innovation)

"If you are involved in technology or development, I thoroughly recommend you to attend the Agile London events. I thought the event was superb!"


Bailey Kursar (Product Manager)

"This is a proper tech meet-up. Thanks Agile London for beer, pizza and views - that's even before the talk starts!"

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