We feel it's important to understand our core markets and hosting an event is a great way to gain industry knowledge and insight when it comes to emerging technologies and how IT teams are run.  Which is great for us, because we're a social bunch that love meeting new people within the tech community.

The events we help organise currently encompass Software Developement, Agile and Leadership.  But that's not the extent of things, how could we put a limit on industry knowledge or the experiences you'll share?  The answer is we don't, and won't, and we look forward to discussing ideas for your next community Meetup.    

The Meetup's dropdown, at the top of this page, holds information specific to our Agile London and CTOs In London groups; like past presentations, how to join the conversation and what's coming up next.


Interested in hosting an event?  Share your ideas or questions to

For up to date event activities follow us on social media #AgileLondon and #CTOsInLondon

We look forward to seeing you at one of the next events!


Interview is with our very own Billy Jenkins and Daniel Bryant of OpenCredo at the Microservices Manchester event.

Get in touch if you're looking for sponsorship, we're raising awareness for not-for-profit tech focused organistations such as Code Club and Code First Girls.

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Agile Innovation with Playtech - Thursday 23rd November

Agile Innovation with Playtech - Thursday 23rd November

by Lisa Hon

We’re excited to announce the next Agile London meetup on Thursday 23rd November,...


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